CIC Start Online is in The Scottish Green List 2010 of the 20 top projects and initiatives for sustainable development

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Edinburgh Napier University


Sustainable Energy Research Group

Centre for Infrastructure Research

Building performance evaluation & modelling
Community CHP design
Sustainable design in construction

Fuel cell technologies
Solar cell materials
Wind turbine materials

Solar heating system design and evaluation
Energy auditing, monitoring and reporting
Solar air heating systems design and implementation

Electronic sensor technologies
Safety, reliability and environmental issues
Fuel cells for transport applications

Solar water heating systems
Small and micro scale hydroelectric generation
Optimisation of PV driven solar pre-heated ventilation systems

Energy audit and conservation
Sustainable and renewable energy systems
Small Scale Wind Power

Solar energy
Energy in buildings
Life cycle assessment

Research on and development of sustainable energy technologies 

  • Solar PV
  • Solar water heaters
  • Solar air heaters
  • Solar light pipes
  • Micro wind turbines
  • Micro Stirling engines
  • Bio-mass
  • Solid-Oxide Fuel-Cells
  • Hydrogen use in railways
  • Heat pumps
  • Super-insulated windows
  • Building fabric insulation
  • Building infiltration
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy management
  • Micro hydro control systems

Links to construction focussed innovation centres and testing capability
MSc Energy and Environmental Engineering 
Energy and the environment are increasingly taking their place as a major issue in today's world. With this qualification, you'll build on your current credentials in the field, or take the first step into this vital industry. The course emphasises management techniques and theory, while also addressing the scientific background associated with sustainable construction and renewable and alternative energies.
As part of the pilot scheme run by the Scottish Government to support the economic priority sectors, five part-time study funded places are available for this course. If you are interested in applying for this funding please contact us via the 'enquire about this course' form. Successful applications will then be given further instructions for funding application and this is subjected to eligibility (Home/EU students only). 
More information on the above course is available through the following links: Part-time course and Full-time course.  
MSc Environmental Sustainability
Extremely relevant in today's climate-aware world, this course is aimed at graduates from a wide range of disciplines. Whether you're an engineer, architect, lawyer or accountant, it will give you the qualifications you need for a career in either the renewable and traditional energy industries.

With an emphasis on sustainable development principles and practice, the course takes an industry-focused approach, with particular application to the water sector, property development and building design. You'll also study national and international environmental legal principles, opening the door to a possible career in sustainability-based projects worldwide.

More information on the above course is available through the following links: Part-time course and Full-time course.  


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