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The Robert Gordon University


Research in architecture and the built environment at the Robert Gordon University relates to national policy and social agendas and usually involves the solution of practical problems. There is a high degree of collaboration between disciplines, with industry and with professional and public bodies.

‘Environments for People’ Centre

Most research is based around the ‘Environments for People’ Centre, with a focus on social, economic and physical resource sustainability and evaluation of the design of built environments in terms of their ability to meet the needs of people.

The RGU approach to research is problem-focused, involving the search for solutions to real design, social and economic problems defined by industry and Government agencies, as well as by academics. Solving these problems involves a network of inter-linked activities and skills.

The diverse issues we have dealt with include the design of assistive technology systems, the modelling, planning and design of urban open space, social issues arising from new ways of building houses, the sustainability of new housing, mapping social research on architecture across Europe, the design of new university buildings, a directory of green materials, life-cycle issues in the design of hospital environments and understanding of experience in virtual environments. These projects have been funded by a wide range of academic, research and policy bodies.

The research remains relevant to industry and grounded in real buildings and projects however, e.g. design and assessment of the use of a number of housing projects, several of which have been associated with recent design awards.

Masonry Conservation Research Group

The need for a physical and material science research base is also recognised at RGU, primarily based in the Masonry Conservation Research Group, which covers a diverse range of research projects and consultancy in the material science field.


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