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CIC Start Online - Conferences

CIC Start Online is in The Scottish Green List 2010 of the 20 top projects and initiatives for sustainable development

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Over the course of 2012, we organised a series of whole-day conferences on Sustainable Building Design and Refurbishment.  


Thursday 2nd February 2012 - The Lighthouse Building in Glasgow.

This conference provided landlords, architects, housing associations, developers, policymakers and legislators with important new knowledge that is emerging from current research and practice in the UK and Europe that examines relationships between ventilation, indoor air quality and health. Attended by over 70 delegates.  > more information

Wednesday 29th February 2012 - Glasgow Caledonian University

This conference was sponsored and organised in collaboration with Historic Scotland. It informed on opportunities for energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings through the Green Deal financial scheme and presented research on how traditional buildings in Scotland could be made more energy efficient. Attended by over 120 delegates. > more information

Monday 3rd September - Heriot Watt University

This conference was designed to inform attendees about why, how, when and where mass is important in design.  Examples were given of how it has been successfully incorporated into new and traditional low carbon buildings and approaches and tools were described that can be used by designers to optimally place and utilise mass in buildings.

Tuesday 25th September - GCU London Conference in partnership with Good Homes Alliance

The conference aims to increase understanding of how the Green Deal will work, what the risks are, and what tools are available for assessment and delivery. The full-day conference addressed three key themes: Green Deal operation and opportunities, Reducing the risks associated with energy savings in refurbishment and Tools to assist in decision making on refurbishment technologies.

Tuesday 2nd October  - CIC Start Online conference on ECO, The Lighthouse, Glasgow

This conference aims to explain how the Green Deal and ECO schemes will be funded, what the opportunities for clients and services providers are, and how to manage risks.  The programme includes case studies on planning, designing, delivering and monitoring energy efficiency improvements on hard-to-treat housing.  With speakers from Historic Scotland, SSE, Changeworks, and various Housing Associations and Developers.


On Thursday 8th November, CIC Start Online presents a  half-day conference in partnership with Heriot Watt University and WATEF - The Water Efficiency in Buildings Network.  The conference addresses unsustainable consumption of water in the built environment and is hosted by Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh.  more information >

On Thursday 15th November, CIC Start Online presents a half-day conference in Glasgow which will address the integration of sustainable infrastructure into the existing built environment.  more information >

26th November, Glasgow Caledonian University

CIC Start Online presents a half-day conference in Glasgow covering Building Information Modelling (BIM) in relation to Sustainability. The conference will indicate issues that need to be addressed to develop BIM for refurbishment

28th November, The Lighthouse in Glasgow, in partnership with Health Facilities Scotland

Interventions on existing healthcare buildings always present a bigger challenge than the interventions on other buildings as they should not disrupt or reduce the capacity and ability to provide a continuous level of service to the patients.   This conference explored how this can be achieved by informing on the context, research outcomes and case studies from both Scotland and England.

13th December, Buchanan House in Glasgow.  

This conference aims to address several issues related to the electricity supply such as the threats to the security and resilience of energy supply in the UK, the impacts of the electricity demand reduction, the demand side response to the energy requirements of electric vehicles and heat pumps, and the solutions to prevent fuel poverty in an all electric UK.  

29th January 2013, Buchanan House in Glasgow.  

The event will provide information on most recent developments in LED lighting, their performance and application in new and existing buildings. It will also highlight recent research at Glasgow Caledonian University on the use of LED in optical wireless communications.  The speaker on this topic is also the author of the book Optical Wireless Communications: System and Channel Modelling with MATLAB published by CRC Press in August 2012.

31st January 2013, CPD Building, GCU in Glasgow.  

Electric vehicles are silently arriving to our streets. But, they will soon be more than the means of transportation. They will be storage units for electricity produced by photovoltaic panels on the house in whose garage they are parked and they will also heat that house. This symbiosis of electric cars with our homes signals new approaches to urban planning, building design, energy generation, storage and distribution, and transportation. Electric vehicles will be the mobile part of this new system.

6th February 2013, The Lighthouse in Glasgow.  

As the development of more sustainable built environment includes recycling of building materials and components, the conference will highlight the aims of Scottish policy on waste management and recycling in construction. It will present the outcomes of research on the use of recycled aggregate in concrete and other recycled materials for different uses in construction.

13th February 2013, The Lighthouse in Glasgow.  

This afternoon seminar and discussion will bring together a community of interest in Building Performance Evaluation centred on projects building supported by the Technology Strategy Board Building Performance Evaluation Programme, but including other projects undertaking evaluation that are investigating these questions. It will be an opportunity to hear from those currently involved in a range of BPE projects, as clients, developers, designers and researchers talking about why they are doing it, what they hope to achieve, what issues may emerge. As well as sharing information the intention is also to capture information about how BPE can be achieved in the future for communication to industry and government stakeholders.

22nd February 2013, The Lighthouse in Glasgow.  

As the event will provide a summary of innovations developed through 50 feasibility studies and 20 academic consultancies undertaken through the project, it will be an exclusive preview of the book which will be co-authored by seven academics involved in the project and published by Springer in 2013.

SMEs and researchers who collaborated in the studies, the members of the CIC Start Online project from the construction sector, and businesses and organisations that collaborate with the sector will be attending. The end discussion will provide the opportunity for suggestions regarding our forthcoming project.


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