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FS05 - Novel Solar Thermal Collector Design

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Novel Solar Thermal Collector Design" by Heriot Watt University and AES Ltd 


The primary objective of the project was to improve the basic design of the AES solar thermal collector; to make it more efficient, lighter and more robust and generally a more fit for purpose and greener product. The intention is to provide an improved collector to market at a competitive price relative to the current one.

Taking into account that the solar gains and heat losses are linked to conditions of operation and design of the collector, it was necessary to focus on analyzing the mechanism of energy gains and losses from the collector. A total of four sample units, each with a surface area of 1175 x 1175 mm, were manufactured by AES and supplied to Heriot Watt University for thermal performance testing.

The data measured under laboratory conditions at Heriot Watt provides all the necessary parameters to analyse the performance of the two sample solar collectors.

Key words: renewable energy, solar hot water


Prof. Sue Roaf, Heriot Watt University
Mr Campbell MacLennan, AES Ltd



Held on 15th February 2011

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Presentation - AES Ltd, Heriot Watt University



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