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FS06 - Tenament Flat Carbon Reduction Shopping List

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Tenament Flat Carbon Reduction Shopping List" by Holmes Partnership and University of Strathclyde Glasgow 


The study aimed to provide typical Glasgow sandstone tenement flat dwellers with a guide as to the most suitable carbon reduction measures to apply to their dwelling. In particular, it was intended to provide a cost per tonne of carbon dioxide saved comparison to demonstrate value for money for various retrofit options.

A particular tenement flat was selected and surveyed. The dimensions and conditions were passed to Energy Systems Research Unit at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow who prepared a dynamic thermal model. Various retrofit options were agreed and applied to the model and the outcomes recorded in terms of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions saved.

Doig and Smith (Cost Consultants) prepared costs for all the retrofit options allowing the cost-per-tonne saved to be calculated.

Key words: pre-1919 building, refurbishment, domestic buildings, environmental modelling, cost calculation


Mr Douglas Jack, Holmes Partnership
Dr Jeremy Cockroft, Energy Systems Research Unit, University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Dr Jon Hand, Energy Systems Research Unit, University of Strathclyde Glasgow



Held on 8th February 2011

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Presentation - Holmes Partnership, University of Strathclyde Glasgow
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