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FS07 - Upgrade Strategy Development for Garrioch Residents Association

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Upgrade Strategy Development for Garrioch Residents Association" by Collective Architecture and University of Strathclyde


ESRU and Collective Architecture have defined and demonstrated a process for assessing and communicating the energy upgrade options to a residents association, landlord or housing association. The first process step is a meeting with the client to explain the project and get their inputs on the current issues with the building and the range of upgrades of most interest. Following this consultation process the current building performance is established through a physical survey, air-tightness testing, thermography and smoke analysis in representative dwellings. The appropriate upgrade options and best practice examples for the building type are then researched and a reference database created.

The carbon and energy performance of a representative sample of the existing dwellings is then modelled; and the carbon, cost and energy impact of a range of upgrade options quantified. Based on best practice and modelling results some recommendations are provided. A customised version of the modelling tools is made available to the residents association and training offered to allow them to assess further upgrade options on an ongoing basis. The customised tools are similarly available as the starting point for future similar projects. A report of the outcomes of the work is prepared and presented to the clients allowing them to gain understanding.

In this case the process was applied to the quadrangle of traditional red sandstone tenement flats in the west end of Glasgow represented by Garrioch Residents Association. There are many similar properties in Scotland requiring similar upgrades therefore work undertaken in this study can be utilised elsewhere. However, the process is not restricted to these similar properties; it can also be applied to other dwelling types.

Key words: pre-1919 building, refurbishment, domestic buildings, environmental modelling, carbon footprint, cost calculation


Michael Dougall, Collective Architecture

Paul Tuohy, Energy Systems Research Unit, University of Strathclyde Glasgow

Jeremy Cockroft, Energy Systems Research Unit, University of Strathclyde Glasgow



Held on 23rd November 2010

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Presentation  - Collective Architecture & University of Strathclyde Glasgow



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