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FS11 - Tarryholme Sustainable Housing Project, Irvine

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Tarryholme Sustainable Housing Project, Irvine" by University of Strathclyde Glasgow and Assist Design 


The vision for the Tarryholme development site to be an ‘Environmental Exemplar’ was established in a joint press release by Irvine Housing Association, Irvine Bay Urban Regeneration Company and the Housing Investment Division of the Scottish Government. The current economic downturn offered an opportunity for ‘thinking time’ to investigate the social, environmental and economic issues involved in building a sustainable house. This was initially progressed through the production of a development framework for the site, which provided general sustainability principles, particularly that of eco minimalism. This report considers sustainability principles further and provides an answer to the following questions;

1. What is a sustainable house?
2. How much will it cost to build?

The study was conducted over a 12 month period and included visits to over 30 current exemplar housing projects. The investigation revealed a number of wider industry issues including:

Main Issue:
• To meet the Government’s legally binding carbon reduction targets, the Building Standards for
domestic dwellings will change significantly in 2013 and 2016/17.

Main Risks:
• The changes to Building Standards will result in a potentially large increase in building costs,detrimentally affect indoor air quality and increase asthma rates in North Ayrshire; if carefuldesign, specification and occupant advice is not employed.
• There will be significant legal implications to housing providers if indoor air quality is found to contribute to occupant ill health due to building design.
• Awareness of the impending changes and the cost implications to the delivery of housing across all sectors is low and the profile of this issue needs to be raised significantly; if cost effective solutions are to be found within the timescales set.

Main Findings:
• There is a need for cross funding sourced from Housing, Environment and Health budgets if future housing demand is to be met with truly sustainable solutions.
Key words: new building, domestic buildings, indoor air quality, carbon reduction, cost calculation

The Project Team:

  • Healthy House Design: Dr. Stirling Howieson, University of Strathclyde Glasgow
  • Client: Irvine Housing Association
  • Architectural Design and Lead Consultant: Assist Architects
  • Sustainable Material Specification: Anna Poston, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Quantity Surveyor: Armour Construction Consultants
  • Structural Engineer: WSP
  • M&E Engineer: Ramboll UK

The outcomes of this study will be presented in due course.



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