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FS24 - Testing of a method for insulation of masonry and lath walls

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Testing of a method for insulation of masonry and lath walls" by the Robert Gordon University and Craigie Levie


The main aim of this research project was to develop and test the feasibility of a method of insulating an existing historic listed building whilst maintaining its original architectural features. The success of the project is conditioned by the avoidance of any damage of the inner lath plaster wall leaf.

The application of the feasibility study involved a trial off site to make sure the process won't bring any harm to the building. Despite these precautions, alterations of the method took place during the trial due to onsite discoveries related to the building's age and condition. 

Key words: pre-1919 building, refurbishment, thermal insulation


Dr Amar Benadji, The Robert Gordon University

Michael Craigie Levie, Craigie Levie


Held on 13th January 2012:

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