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FS27 - Developing a template for quick start user guides

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Developing a template for quick start user guides" by The Glasgow School of Art and The Property Log Book Company Ltd


This project has been developed in response to Post-Occupancy Evaluation research and work with Scottish Government on occupant guides and the benefits to energy efficiency through simple, bespoke instructions for operating a new house.

The Property Logbook Company provide online logbooks (interactive home user guides) to new home developers and housing associations. A Property Log Book is a simple online tool to hold property information. The Log Book is created by the developer for a home owner or a tenant to help them access better quality information and better manage their property. Property Log Book also provides smart metering capabilities.

In order to inform the study, the house currently under construction will be used as an example. The aim is to find the most effective ways of illustrating information available by interviewing prospective tenants and issuing the documents to the residents when they move in.

Key words: energy saving, on-line operating instructions, behaviour change


Dr Tim Sharpe, The Glasgow School of Art

For Property Logbook Company


The outputs of this study will be disseminated in due course.


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