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FS36 - Renewable Energy from PV Lamp Posts by direct delivery into the National Grid

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Exploration of the creation of PV Renewable Energy from Lamp Posts by direct delivery into the National Grid" by Heriot Watt University and Grid Post Ltd


Grid Post™ aims to explore the options that exist to design, develop and implement a direct delivery solution for PV generated electricity directly into the Grid from various social infrastructure, focused initially on Lamp Posts and other Lighting solutions.

The escalating utility costs for Local Authorities (LA’s) of their Energy Bills have caused some Council’s in the UK to turn off their street lights, causing concern for residents on how this will impact in their community on drivers, and for residents’ fear of crime in darkened streets.
Grid Post™ have a solution to help reduce energy bills for each and every post by as much as 20%.

Utilizing the most advanced commercial PV modules that are available now, and in the future - the fast developing PV market has increased its capacity to create energy and Grid Post™ has already secured the supply chain and design elements to increase this capacity in the future.

The future design elements of Grid Post™ will ensure flexibility and engineering best practice in order to maximize energy generation and savings with the aim to partner with Local Authorities (LA’s) on a long-term basis. The simplicity of the product is that it fits into the existing infrastructure and utilizes the National Grid to feed energy back into the system and will only improve it's effectiveness as the product improves and the cost of energy increases for the Local Authorities (LA’s).

The aim of the Grid Post™ system is to utilize the available infrastructure of the lamp post which is already well connected to the National Grid while also using it as a structural element for placing the PV panels. The system differs from the traditional PV system as it does not have any storage system. All the energy generated is directly fed into the grid.

Four different cities were selected across the UK to have a preliminary analysis of the available solar radiation. They were Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. The case of placing a Multi-crystalline PV panel at an angle of 30 degree with the horizontal is analyzed for these four locations. The analysis has been conducted by using the commercial PV system design software, PVSYST. This is a preliminary analysis to give an idea of the net solar electricity production and its variation across different places and variation in energy production over the whole year.

Key words: infrastructure, lighting, renewable energy, photovoltaics


Tapas Mallick and Hasan Baig, Heriot Watt University

For Grid Post Ltd

The outputs of this study will be disseminated in due course.


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