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FS48 - Analysis of the physical and metaphysical impacts of a roof mounted wind turbine on Scottish affordable urban housing development

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Analysis of the physical and metaphysical impacts of a roof mounted wind turbine on Scottish affordable urban housing development" by Glasgow School of Art and Renewable Devices Ltd


Renewable Devices Ltd. is well aware of the societal need for the mass delivery of energy efficient homes that correspond with Scottish government’s expectation – i.e. all newly built homes would be carbon neutral by 2016/7. The company specialises in the engineering design and installation of a wind turbine system. In view of their expertise, the company is currently invited to join an ongoing project that aims to construct Scottish first net zero-energy affordable house in South Ayrshire around March 2012. To exploit Scotland’s ‘windy’ geographical condition and the government’s feed in tariff scheme, the project lead/owner stresses the installation of a micro wind turbine for reduction of the house’s operational energy use and reinforcement of its visual green message towards ‘public education’ on renewable energy technology. This aims to demonstrate that new and existing affordable homes should/can be built or renovated in such a way that the operational CO2 emissions and the volatility of continuously increasing fuel prices can be reduced using free, clean, and endless sources of energy, such as wind for micro power generation.

For the future marketing information and product installation improvement, the company wishes to understand both physical and metaphysical impacts of a roof mounted wind turbine system on ‘urban’ affordable housing developments/renovations, where the renewable energy technology’s power generation capacity (influenced by urban wind turbulence), internal and external noise levels (associated with wind speed), and ‘perceived’ aesthetical, environmental and educational contributions to the creation of green neighbourhoods. To analyse these impacts, the company’s wind turbine known as ‘SWIFT’ will be installed in the rooftop of an urban affordable house to be constructed in Prestwick around March 2012. The house will also be equipped with solar PV roof panels so that potential shading patterns of the wind turbine over the PV roof will additionally be examined. Moreover, to document and analyse the public perception of the roof-mounted wind turbine system, the neighbours will be interviewed and the questionnaires will be circulated. In addition, Ayrshire College’s and The Glasgow School of Art’s students will be invited to visit the building site so as to collect their feedback on the system’s perceived aesthetical, environmental and educational contributions.

Accordingly, this feasibility study involves the following research actions:

  • A. Knowledge transferring of a potential roof mountable wind turbine system relevant to urban affordable housing developments/renovations B. Investigation of the roof mounted wind turbine structural assemblies and the system’s as designed performance including power generation and shading effects
  • C. Documentation of the design and installation
  • D. Monitoring of the ambience wind speed and direction and air quality, the system’s as built electricity generation and CO2 levels, and public perception
  • E. Development of a final report and peer review activities
  • F. Organisation of a final meeting to lead the company to thorough understanding of the project’s outcomes and outputs for further development of business plan

Key words: renewable energy, roof mounted wind turbine 


Dr Masa Noguchi, The Glasgow School of Art

For Renewable Devices Ltd

The outputs of this study will be disseminated in due course.


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