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FS50 - Reduction and Eradication of Fuel Poverty via Renewable Energy Technologies

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Reduction and Eradication of Fuel Poverty via Renewable Energy Technologies" by Edinburgh Napier University and Solas Scotland


Solas has over 20 years experience in the energy efficiency industry and continue to work in partnership with utility providers, Local Authorities and RSL’s. Their LESS model has featured in a number of area-based schemes.

The study examines the methodology, outcomes and proposes improvements together with how Solas can incorporate future energy solutions into the existing LESS model.

Specifically, the study examines if the model is cost effective in comparison to other area based schemes, how the model could be replicated and if there is merit and opportunity in LESS being adopted as a suggested tool by front-line decision makers and funders (e.g., UK and Scottish Governments, CoSLA etc).

With the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 in mind, Solas are keen to establish whether the LESS model can assist the objectives on fuel poverty and carbon reduction.

Key words: domestic buildings, refurbishment, renewable energy


Prof. Tariq Muneer, Edinburgh Napier Univesity

For Solas Scotland

The outputs of this study will be disseminated in due course.


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