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FS58 - Thermal and condensation analysis of a typical solid wall in a hard to treat property

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Thermal and condensation analysis of a typical solid wall in a hard to treat property during a before and after refurbishment intervention" by Edinburgh Napier University and BCA Insulation


The study has investigated and tested, in the context of buildings of solid wall construction, the condensation risk and heat loss associated with cold spots and areas that cannot be insulated such as:

  • Decorative cornicing
  • Window reveals
  • Walls considered to impractical or not cost effective to insulate.
  • Internal partitions and floors

This research is underpinned by BCA’s own prior research, experience and development in the area of solid wall insulation where the company has become a market leader in recent times having carried a major literature review ahead of writing it’s “Good Practice Guide” and years of case studies and trials both in its own training academy in Shotts and with clients such as Historic Scotland.

The study covers one dwelling from BCA’s projects including houses being improved through the Scottish Governments’ Energy Assistance Package and local authority’s Universal Home Insulation Schemes and includes the following:

1. In-situ U-value measurement of a wall with two insulation solutions at pre and post intervention stages located in one site. This measured the performance of both an internal over lining system as well an injected solution all in the same location and dwelling.

2. Interstitial condensation simulation of a selected wall element both pre and post intervention stages – test took place only on one wall solutions.

Key words: pre-1919 buildings, domestic buildings, refurbishment, thermal insulation, post-occupancy evaluation


Julio Bros Williamson, Edinburgh Napier University

For BCA Insulation Limited

The outputs of this study will be disseminated in due course.






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