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FS60 - Sustainability and energy efficiency of three new build dwellings in Aberdour

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Sustainability and energy efficiency of three new build dwellings in Aberdour" by Edinburgh Napier University and Finex Joinery


Finex Joinery Ltd propose to use the latest technologies in order to create three unique homes in a rural setting near Aberdour, Fife. Each of the three homes would be unique in their construction specification, insulation method and the renewable energy technologies used. Once completed and the houses are inhabited, they intend to measure the energy efficiency performance of each home in order to help create a sound business model to roll out. 

The  feasibility study focuses on an ‘off-grid’ and a self sufficient set of dwellings; aiming not to use any of the conventional sources of energy such as; gas, coal or oil to heat the houses and where possible be able to generate their own electricity. The technologies FJL propose to use include:

  • Solar PV Panels
  • Biomass production and fuelled stove
  • Ground source heat pump
  • Air source heat pump
  • Heat exchange systems
  • Reed beds

FJL approached the Scottish Energy Centre (SEC) at Edinburgh Napier University in 2010, for advice on renewable energy systems and sustainable design in construction and how to apply them to the domestic market.

The feasibility study looks into the best approach for sustainable and energy efficient building of the three houses by applying a building energy simulation and also preparing the grounds for high standards of sustainability accreditation – gold standard, section seven current technical standards. This modelling of the three different house designs will help determine the specifics of the technologies to be used, and help finalise the planning statement for submission to Fife Council.

The modelling includes the simulation of the three dwellings and the analysis of 3 different wall, roof and floor component alternatives looking at the best performing solution as the possible final design.

The work carried out under Section 7 sustainability will be of guidance to determine areas which will have to be addresses in order to achieve a high standard and score. This will involve a simple review of the standard and a list of suggestions to the design which could be addressed indicating to what level and quality to obtain higher scores.

Key words: new buildings, domestic buildings, energy simulation, renewable energy


Julio Bros Williamson, Edinburgh Napier University

For Finex Joinery Ltd

The outputs of this study will be disseminated in due course.







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