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AC04 - Independent verification of a climate based worldwide building energy index

Written by: CIC Start Online

"Independent verification of a climate based worldwide building energy index" by Glasgow Caledonian University and IES Ltd


IES Ltd has prototyped a set of energy indices that can be used to assess, classify and compare any worldwide climate (weather data or extrapolated climate change data) for the purposes of understanding climate and for the use in sustainable building design.

The indices are intended as rapid and interactive holistic design tools applicable to any building type, with any design strategy, in any location worldwide and for the simple quantification of the impact of climate change on building energy progressively over a sustainable building’s lifecycle.

The basis of the indices is the fact that climate underlies building energy use and it is therefore possible to compare designs relative to climate, visualize where design emphasis needs to be placed and directly and interactively track the effect of design strategies.

The index is applicable to both the design and operational phases of buildings and is directly usable by building professionals without the need for specialist energy knowledge i.e. Architects, quantity surveyors, students, etc.

IES Ltd was in need of an independent peer review and detailed verification to prove the prototyped index performs successfully. With this need in mind the academic partner carried out a review of the Climate Energy Index (CEI) and the Building Energy Index (BEI) developed by IES Ltd with the aim of verifying their scientific soundness and ease of applicability.

Key words: environmental modelling, energy simulation, energy indices


Dr Rohinton Emmanuel, Glasgow Caledonian University 

Mr Darragh Gleeson, Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd


Held on 20th April 2011

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