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February 2013 Issue is Now Available

The latest issue of innovation review is now available here

The PDF version can be viewed here.

CIC Start Online Innovation Review is published quarterly. A link to the latest issue is sent to the membership by email. 


Innovation Review provides:

  • Articles and interviews regarding expertise available and research undertaken/planned at the partners` institutions on sustainable building design and refurbishment.
  • Case studies of testing in laboratories at the partners` institutions.
  • Articles on collaboration with construction industry in research, development and testing of innovations.
  • Brief reports on feasibility studies undertaken and academic consultancy provided through the project.
  • Innovation in practice: Articles by practitioners involved in sustainable building design, construction and refurbishment
  • Innovation Monitor: Information on products and processes developed in Scotland for sustainable built environment.

How to subscribe

To subscribe, please access Registration page.

A list of published Innovation Reviews with a link to each one will be published on this page. 



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The following papers have been published by the project members 


The environmental performance of low
carbon dwellings using Structural
Insulated Concrete blocks

Dr David Grierson




Streaming events for Scotland

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