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CIC Start Online - Innovation testing - Testing facilities at Glasgow School of Art

CIC Start Online is in The Scottish Green List 2010 of the 20 top projects and initiatives for sustainable development

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Testing facilities at Glasgow School of Art

MEARU currently operates from offices in The Mackintosh School of Architecture' s Bourdon Building. Facilities include offices and studios, computer suites for CAD, Energy, Lighting and CFD modelling. There are also technical workshops for computer and physical modelling.

MEARU have the following facilities and expertise which have been applied in recent and ongoing projects:

Post Occupation Evaluation 
MEARU can undertake durational monitoring of CO2, humidity and temperature together with appliance energy consumption monitoring via an electrical pulse monitor.
Simultaneous monitoring of up to eight locations can be undertaken with the use of MEARU’s radio controlled data loggers. Instantaneous environmental CO2, humidity and temperature readings can also be taken using MEARU’s handheld monitoring devices.

In addition to quantitative environmental monitoring, MEARU has extensive experience of qualitative assessment through questionnaires, surveys and interviews with end users resulting in a systematic evaluation buildings in use from the perspective of the people who use them. MEARU can work with clients to assess how well buildings match users' needs, and identify ways to improve building design, performance and fitness for purpose.

Building Thermography Assessment
Through the use of state of the art thermographic imaging, problems in existing buildings can be identified (including energy loss caused by missing or defective insulation, air leaks, moisture penetration and thermal bridging). Once these building defects have been identified, MEARU can provide advice on upgrading strategies to improve thermal performance.

EcoHomes/ Code for Sustainable Homes accredited assessment
MEARU is fully qualified to assess buildings registered under the residential Code for Sustainable Homes and Ecohomes. Pre planning, we are able to guide clients through the Code and Ecohomes, offering practical advice on how to meet the various sustainability goals, as well as how to meet any sustainability conditions at the different code levels. Post planning, during the design and construction phase, we advise on how projects can meet both design stage and post construction certification. Finally, we certify the buildings through the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

NHER- Domestic Energy Assessment
MEARU can assist in the production of SAP calculations and NHER rating certification in addition to providing energy efficiency advice both on the upgrading of existing housing stock and on proposed new build construction.


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