CIC Start Online is in The Scottish Green List 2010 of the 20 top projects and initiatives for sustainable development

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Innovation Review:
Tackling Fuel Poverty by Improving the Energy Efficiency of Scotlands Housing Stock
Norman Kerr, Director, Energy Action Scotland

Innovation Review:
BRE Innovation Park @ Ravenscraig
Dr David Kelly, BRE Scotland

Innovation Review:
The WholeLife House at Scotlands Housing Expo
John Brennan, Brennan and Wilson Architects

Innovation Review:
More support, less obstacles: how we need to encourage innovation in housing
John Gilbert, John Gilbert Architects

Innovation Review:
Acharacle Primary School, Ardnamurchan
Howard Liddell, GAIA Architects

Innovation Review:
Low Energy Dwelling
Angus Calder, Simpson & Brown Architects

Innovation Review:
The Flower House at Scotlands Housing Expo 2010
a+j burridge

Innovation Review:
The Skewed House
Oliver Chapman, Oliver Chapman Architects

Innovation Review:
The Hardcore Softhouse: Scotlands Housing Expo, Plot 26
Christopher Platt, studioKAP architects

Innovation Review:
The Modular House - Plot 15 - Scotlands Housing Expo
David Keith, Bracewell Stirling Consulting

Webcast (2010):
Towards improving energy efficiency in traditional buildings
Glasgow Caledonian University, Historic Scotland, Changeworks and Lister Housing Co-op

Webcast (2010):
Upgrading Glasgows Social Housing Stock- reflections on 1990s
Glasgow School of Art

Webcast (2010):
Retrofit and renewables in traditional rural buildings
University of Edinburgh

Innovation Review:
Gilmours Close: Edinburgh World Heritage Site Low Carbon refurbishment
Andy Jack, Assist Architects

Innovation Review:
Energy Efficiency and Microgeneration in Traditional and Historic Homes
Nicholas Heath, Changeworks

Innovation Review:
Historic Scotland: Innovative solutions to make traditional buildings more energy efficient
Moses Jenkins, Historic Scotland

Innovation Review:
First Scottish SuperHome
Andy Maybury


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