CIC Start Online is in The Scottish Green List 2010 of the 20 top projects and initiatives for sustainable development

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Build with Care:
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in housing
Immobilière des Chemins de Fer, France

Webinar Recording:
An Investigation of the Adoption of Low-Carbon Technologies by Scottish Housing Associations
RGU and Anderson, Bell and Christie Architects, Glasgow

Innovation Review:
Tackling Fuel Poverty by Improving the Energy Efficiency of Scotlands Housing Stock
Norman Kerr, Director, Energy Action Scotland

Webcast (2011):
Learning from Scotlands Housing Expo: Making resilient buildings and neighbourhoods
University of Edinburgh

Innovation Review:
Whitecross Village near Linlithgow
Clive Albert (Malcolm Fraser Architects) and Stewart Dalgarno (Stewart Milne Homes)

Innovation Review:
Graz Insights - Environmental Siedlungs: Lessons from site visits prior to Eurosun 2010, 29th September to 1st October
Prof. Colin Porteous, Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit, The Glasgow School of Art

Innovation Review:
The Glasgow House: A 'low-tech' approach to the problem of fuel poverty
Stuart Carr, PRP Architects

Innovation Review:
BRE Innovation Park @ Ravenscraig
Dr David Kelly, BRE Scotland

Innovation Review:
The WholeLife House at Scotlands Housing Expo
John Brennan, Brennan and Wilson Architects

Innovation Review:
More support, less obstacles: how we need to encourage innovation in housing
John Gilbert, John Gilbert Architects

Innovation Review:
Low Energy Dwelling
Angus Calder, Simpson & Brown Architects

Innovation Review:
The Flower House at Scotlands Housing Expo 2010
a+j burridge

Innovation Review:
The Skewed House
Oliver Chapman, Oliver Chapman Architects

Innovation Review:
The Hardcore Softhouse: Scotlands Housing Expo, Plot 26
Christopher Platt, studioKAP architects

Innovation Review:
The Modular House - Plot 15 - Scotlands Housing Expo
David Keith, Bracewell Stirling Consulting

Webinar Recording:
A Hybrid Solar Thermal Mass (HSTM) System Development for the Application to Tenants First Housing Co-operatives Zero-carbon Affordable Homes
Glasgow School of Art, Edinburgh Napier University and Tenants First Housing Co-operative, Aberdeen

Webcast (2010):
The Solar Refurbishment of Scotland
Heriot Watt University, AES Solar, Changeworks, Lister Housing Co-op

Webinar Recording:
Solar-Wall systems for domestic heating: an affordable solution for fuel poverty
Heriot Watt University, Changeworks Resources For Life Ltd and Ormandy Ltd, Edinburgh

Webinar Recording:
Tenement Flat Carbon Reduction Shopping List
University of Strathclyde Glasgow and Holmes Partnership, Glasgow

Webinar Recording:
Upgrade Strategy Development for Garrioch Residents Association
University of Strathclyde Glasgow and Collective Architecture, Glasgow

Webcast (2010):
Towards improving energy efficiency in traditional buildings
Glasgow Caledonian University, Historic Scotland, Changeworks and Lister Housing Co-op

Webcast (2010):
Upgrading Glasgows Social Housing Stock- reflections on 1990s
Glasgow School of Art

Webcast (2010):
Retrofit and renewables in traditional rural buildings
University of Edinburgh

Innovation Review:
Gilmours Close: Edinburgh World Heritage Site Low Carbon refurbishment
Andy Jack, Assist Architects

Innovation Review:
Energy Efficiency and Microgeneration in Traditional and Historic Homes
Nicholas Heath, Changeworks

Webinar Recording:
Development of Post Occupancy Evaluation for evaluation of innovative low carbon social housing projects, Glasgow School of Art and John Gilbert Architects Ltd, Glasgow
Glasgow School of Art and John Gilbert Architects Ltd, Glasgow

Innovation Review:
Bill Banks, Kingdom Housing Association




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